Friday, June 19, 2009

Best of Facebook advertising

Those of you who grace my Facebook friends list have probably already seen the sketchbag "Zo sees you naked" advertisement that I screen-captured off my deviantArt page, but this was certainly not the last colourful advert that I can thank Mark Zuckerberg for. Hours of playing Restaurant City have bled my eyes dry from Facebook marketing. Some genuinely compelled me to click ("I make $5000 a week, and all I need to know is how to touch-type!"), where others had me fighting my gag reflex. Here are three of the most entertaining adverts I've seen this year:

#1: Effectively cashing in on "Swine Flu" panic, this advert correctly declares that "surgical masks are not effective" against pathogens. It then audaciously claims to be "the only mask in the World" (that's "World" with a capital "W") that "kills Swine Flu." Yeah, fat chance buddy.

The fact of the matter is that even if everyone went out today and bought an N95 mask (which lots of people did during SARS), they'd still be ineffectual since the average layperson has neither been fit tested nor trained to use such a device. In other words? Masks make people who aren't protected feel protected.

But what's the huge hubbub about anyways? Swine Flu has scarcely proven as virulent as the seasonal flu. Heck, my little cousin (somehow amazingly) contracted H1N1, and it did little more than give him a fever and exempt him from writing his high school exams. Was it really necessary for the Chinese to quarantine my friend Kushima in a hotel room over fears of this pithy little bug?

#2: I caught this one while logging into Evey's restaurant (which she's neglected ever since she managed to raise three dishes to level 10). Yes, women do get different adverts from men - for better or for worse.

#3: And on the male side of things, there's a permanent solution to those unsightly man-boobs. You don't have to change your diet or even exercise! It's kind of like the Atkin's diet.


shirls said...

Nice post !

sandlot said...

I'm so sick of this H1N1 business (pun totally intended). Although H1N1 is a serious matter, i feel it's becoming way too overhyped by the media. Like you said, it's just another variation of the seasonal flu! It's not like everyone who contracts it drops dead only to rise again 24hrs later as zombies (

It sucks because not only am i travelling in 4 days to HK - the land where, post-SARS, they crack down on infections), but i am a travelling Canadian. Which obviously means that i automatically become a carrier of swine flu. Awesome.

Michael said...

Adblock Plus is your friend?

Teddy said...

so what I learnt today:

1) Andy flashed himself in front of Zo. Zo got so excited that she paid FB to put an ad to advertise it.

2) Someone's girlfriend is complaining of painful sex. That someone may need some lubrication. And this occurred at Kingston.

a_ndy said...

LOL. I think there's a Teddy that wants the stuffing beat out of him. :P

Joyce said...

LOL! Yeah...Facebook totally tailors advertisements based on what info you provided. xD;;;

*also throws Adblock Plus at you* :B

a_ndy said...

By "what info you provided" I sure hope you mean, for instance, "Male" and not "suffers from gynecomastia."