Wednesday, June 3, 2009

He's married to his wife

So today I was in the MRI suite waiting for a scan to be completed. Two of the nurses that brought the patient in (N1 & N2) were talking amongst themselves:

N1: "Look at this sentence here: 'He's married to his wife.' Isn't that stupid? I mean... He's married to his wife. Isn't that redundant?"

N2: "It's redundant. It's very redundant."

N1: "Yeah, I mean, 'He's married to his wife.' Who else would he be married to? Hah! He's married to his wife..."

A: "Well, he could be married to his husband..."

It's true.


Michael said...

I think the best part of that exchange is how redundant their exchange was. said...

nurses talking you should hear what they say sometimes. I bet you do. My friend was in nursing, after she quit she told me that she couldn't take the gossip. They treat patients like they aren't even humans.

Mello said...

"well, he could be married to his husband" <--- made my day!

ps. sorry I was in a rush today!

Jerry said...

LOL yo definitely one of your best public come backs that I have heard back (or maybe the only one). Good one :)

What was their response to you?