Saturday, June 13, 2009

How I almost died

A friend is visiting this weekend from out of town. I was awakened by her around 2 AM to the smell of smoke and the distant cry of the downstairs fire alarm. "You guys are deep sleepers," she said. She'd woken up from a dream about eating burnt curry... except that burning aroma was real.

I rushed downstairs to see a cloud of smoke in the kitchen hovering above the stove's red-hot glowing element, an unhappy pot rattling loudly above it. Holding my sleeve to my mouth to screen the overwhelming fumes, I briefly cringed at the prospect of reaching over the element to turn off the stove. I inspected the dials, but didn't see any of them on.

In my panicked, half-groggy state, I couldn't quite comprehend the situation. My brain raced through scenarios of stove malfunction (on, but not on). I ran back upstairs to rouse my sleeping parents. "Something's burning, but I don't think the stove is on!" I explained. "Of course it's on!" retorted my Mom, who rushed back downstairs to deal with the crisis.

Apparently, she had thought to boil some soup before sleeping and had turned it "off" before sleeping, but the dial hadn't quite clicked, leaving the stove "on" but deceptively close to the "off" position. The upstairs fire alarm was dysfunctional.

The pungent smell of burning soup and metal remained thick in the air for the rest of the night (and is quite evident even now), even with all the upstairs windows open. But I can't think how bad things might have been if my friend hadn't woken me up at 2 AM and I had instead slept through till 10 with a... burning house?

6 comments: said...

My only concern is why you held a slumber party and I was not invited.

Anonymous said...

mom to the rescue! :P did you first remove the pot from the stove, open the window first before running up to wake ur parents?

you owe ur friend ur life now lol

shirls said...

This reminds me of the time when I lived in the apartment and returned home from school to see that my mom had left the stove on with a pot of soup to 'simmer'.

Glad everything is okay.

Joyce said...

Yikes! Good thing you had a light sleeper in the house! @-@;;;

sandlot said...

i'm glad you're still alive, or else i would have fewer things to read on the internet.

sandlot said...

An addendum to my comment:

I'm glad you're still alive, or else i would have fewer things to read on the internet and wouldn't be able to date such an amazing person either