Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seriously, double-yew-tee-eff??!!

Being a slave to my blog, I used to check my Google Analytics statistics everyday. Eventually, however, I realized that it wasn't worth sweating over something I had such little control over. Nonetheless, it's entertaining to once in awhile to peruse through the keywords that sometimes lead strangers to bump into my blog completely by accident via search engines like Google.

For instance, one fellow was desperately seeking affirmation that Wii Motion Plus worked well for Virtua Tennis 2009 on Nintendo's popular console. After bumping into my scathing review of this deeply flawed technology, the said visitor immediately bounced off my site, spending less than a second to scan the contents. They say ignorance is bliss.

When I saw this one, I almost choked. I guess Grad House's gay porn is no secret. Then again, none of those searches specifically mention gay porn at Grad House... so maybe these visitors were actually seeking for information on gay-friendly environments and homosexual sex at said residence. In that case, a free porn channel is just gravy.

After my opinion piece of North Korea, I had more than a dozen people hit my blog whilst searching for Kim Jong Il and North Korea. Most of them immediately bounced off. A sizable number of them wanted to know if Kim Jong Il has syphilis. While I wouldn't be surprised since I'm sure "supreme leaders" do often to have their own harems, is this really a key issue?

It's always interesting to see how two keywords from different blog entries can combine to draw people to my blog...

The lesson? I can see your private searches, and we are not amused... No, I lied. We are.

2 comments: said...

21. Does andrew spend enough time with kev?

anyway I dropped by to say that if you go to cathay pacific's website, on the left side there is a button called 'meet the crew'. They followed Japanese airlines and released candid shots of some hk stewardesses. The website has received a lot of traffic from Japan. We wonder why.

Joyce said...

Yo! That #20 may have been me. I was trying to find out what Grad House rooms look like (I saw Chronicle and was like BWAH? So I clicked to see if it was indeed your blog). I FEEL SO VIOLATED. LOL ;0;

(And no, the gay sex search was not me. 8D)