Saturday, July 18, 2009

Be smooth

I went to see the new Harry Potter movie with some friends from work and undergrad. Afterwards, we hit up Jack Astor's for snacks and drinks. We are so silky smooth...

P: Excuse me, can we get another drinks menu?

Lady: Ah... I'm not a waitress here!

P: Oh... sorry...

A: Wow, that was smooth.

P: How so?

A: Uh, and by smooth, I meant not.

You may not know this, but despite four years of undergrad at a university with an excellent reputation for drinking, I am not a heavy drinker.

A: Can I order this drink? [points]

Waitress: Sure. Would you like that jacked up?

A: Um.... sure.

P: Do you even know what that means?

A: No. Absolutely not.

As it turned out, "jacked up" meant an extra shot of rum, and added an extra "half the price of the drink." Note to self: Check how much things cost before saying yes.

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