Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't make me GChat...

But everyone at work uses it...

So despite whatever lies you've been told, I do work while at work. However, I will admit it's been kind of a slow week. On the one hand, I've been trying to tie up the loose ends on a project involving neuroradiologists who, understandably, have very little time and never want to meet me. On the other hand, I've been trying to start pumping out results from another project where the physics and engineering smarties are still trying to code the necessary tools from scratch.

In short, I've run out of things to do until this afternoon (when hopefully one of those super-busy doctor types will have time to meet with me). What's a model student to do? Chat, blog, and Sporcle for the most part. One of the things that I won't do at work is log on to MSN. Although there are other students that do it, I find a separate chat application to be a little too blatant for my tastes. What most of the more tactful summer students use is Google Chat.

However, outside of work hours, Google Chat is kind of lame in spite of it being some up and coming trend whereby the world loves everything Google. Regardless of Jennifer's misguided insistance that Google Chat trumps Windows Live Messenger, Messenger owns GChat.

5 awesome™ reasons why Windows Live > GChat
  1. Everyone already uses MSN (except for you-know-who-you-are) - Seriously, making the switch to GChat will mean forgoing the contact list that I've been assembling since I was twelve years old... and using more than two messengers at once is vaguely inconvenient.

  2. Web-based interfaces are so 1997 - I used to check my e-mail in my browser. But in 2006 I was introduced to Microsoft Outlook... I can check 5 accounts, schedule caldenar reminders, and keep track of tasks all in one slick package. In other words, there's no reason for me even to glance at the GMail webpage, let alone hang out there.

    Actually, because my GMail cleverly deletes new e-mails after they've been downloaded to Outlook, the only e-mails I had sitting in my web-based inbox were a couple dozen self-addressed tests that I'd fired off while trying to set it up.

  3. Tabbed chatting - The greatest thing Microsoft ever ripped off of Mozilla... ever. Actually, to be honest I can't remember if it's a Windows Live feature or part of my Messenger Plus! addon... but it is awesome.

  4. Contact management - You caught me. I don't really like having super_flip_boi on my contact list nor persons who confuse you with their ever shifting, uninformative, yet poetic names which change daily (e.g. Monday: "rose petals falling on a quiet pool" / Tuesday: "Neil Patrick Harris is so kawaii~~"). Messenger gives me the oddly empowering ability to give everyone on my list a nickname - so instead of "Optimus Prime," you're the much more comprehenisble "John Doe (UToronto)." I do not have OCD.

  5. GChat makes me hate emoticons - I'll admit it, I kind of like faces. The odd smiley here and there is a powerful addition to the online repertoire of punctuation. GChat has awful emotes that rotate as if they are possessed yet still somehow wind up lopsided or blink at me as though they are trying to take me home at the end of the night. Chatting on GChat makes me never want to use another emoticon again... in my life. Some of you might see that as an improvement.
Windows Live > GChat. QED.


a_ndy said...

I think this thoughtful argument is wroth a +1 in the Awesome™ Olympics.

NOT Jennifer said...

silly boy. i was once like you with a strong distaste for google, but then slowly i began embracing it and have never looked back since.

Plus no one uses msn anymore and everyone on gchat tends to have normal names because hardly anyone who uses it has the mindset of a 14-year old. Bascially, it's time for msn to join ICQ in the IM graveyard.

I'll be waiting for that future post in praise of gchat.

a_ndy said...

I liked your arguments in the above post... Clearly you've just lost your head somewhere along the way. But it's okay, I'm sure Mr. Gates will forgive you when you decide to come crawling back.

As for my Windows Live Messenger, you can take that away from me when you pry it away from Bill Gates' cold dead fingers.

P.S. How do you find entries on your Xanga? I find the lack of a pull-down bar or search function (that I can find) makes it immensely difficult to find anything that I once-upon-a-time read.

Joyce said...

People actually use Google Chat?!?!
It's always been that annoying little sidebar menu that i eventually opted to hide...

(And come on, customizable emoticons on MSN ftw!)

Mello said...

I like gchat..=(

sandlot said...

I should also be tagged in this one as well!!!!


NOT Jennifer.