Monday, July 27, 2009

Goodness gracious, great balls of tennis!

So, with the summer already half over, Sydney and I have finally stepped up our annual commitment to play tennis. Thus far, this has amounted to playing... twice. It's a start.

The other day, I mentioned to Syd that my right arm was significantly more capable than my left, and that if we ever became intense tennis players, I'd be afraid of becoming noticeably asymmetrical. Her reply was as follows...

Sydney: So... use your back hand.

Andy: Dude, my back hand is still my right hand. It's just in the other direction.

Sydney: lol... I dunno.

It's actually quite unlikely, however, that we would become such vigorous players so as to warrant this kind of concern. Nonetheless, there is in fact a simple solution. My sister once worked with a lady who was a fanatical tennis player. She had posed this tennis pro the same question: "Are you ever worried that one arm will become larger than the other?" Her co-worker responded in the negative - "No, because I do one-handed push-ups with the other arm." Yikes!


Jerry said...

I can think of other things you can do with your unused hand...

sandlot said...

HAHAHAH @ Jerry's comment.

This was exactly what I was thinking. =P