Thursday, July 23, 2009

High School Medical

Oh yes... the Circle of Life.

Reasons why Medical School is like High School
  1. We have class all day everyday with the same people.
  2. We have a lunch period.
  3. We have lockers.
  4. I live at home.
  5. The upperclassmen are too cool for you.
  6. Group conversation consists of a) dirty jokes and b) gossip.
  7. Girls like Zac Efron.
Speaking of high school...

Reasons why I will (probably) never watch High School Musical
  1. I am not a tweenage girl.
  2. I am not [really] in high school.
  3. Lip syncing is uncool.
  4. Zac Efron has funny eyebrows.
  5. I don't like musicals... No, that is a lie. I love them.


Joyce said...

Andrew, you need to stop being so bitter. Zac Efron is hot - you just need to accept the facts. :D

Jerry said...

For reasons why med is like high school, you forgot the following:

People tend to sit in the same seat at every class.

We have a class council.

We have a march break instead of a reading week.

a_ndy said...

@ Joyce: Curses... What does Zac Efron have that I don't? (Other than a hit television movie)

@ Jerry: That's a good point. I forgot about March Break... The other ones are not as convincing. In high school, I sat in a different seat in every class (but the same seat for each individual class). This was usually true in undergrad too. Plus, there was always Life Sci Council and the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society.

sandlot said...

You're missing out on a good time. Maybe if they make one called Med School Musical. Hahahah...

a_ndy said...

Can I be the lead actor?