Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Holy rotten brains, Batman!

For those of you have been following my adventures at the Hospital for Unwell Muppets (HUMP: affectionate nickname), you may not be aware that I, in fact, do not work in the HUMP building proper. Instead, I work at the HUMP Research Institute (RI) two blocks away. There is an outdoor pathway which traverses the intervening block between HUMP and the RI which is best known for its unofficial function as a motorcycle parking lot.

The other day, I walked this path four times over the course of the day - to and from MILF in the morning and to and from HUMP in the afternoon. In the early morning, the motorcycles had yet to arrive. Instead, there sat an unsavory looking character with a box of beer letting fly suspicious glances at passersby. A few metres away sat a street punkish-looking couple sucking serious face. I tried my best to ignore them, although I was genuinely tempted to try snap a candid shot on my camera phone for the benefit of my blog readers.

By the afternoon, the tonsil hockey-playing couple had departed, but the drinking man remained (still, apparently, with enough booze left to drink). When I made my final trek back to the RI around 4 PM, he had still not budged an inch. Along the way, I ran into my supervisor.

Andy: See that man there? He's been drinking there all day.

Supervisor: Wow, can you imagine what his brain looks like? We see kids like that - full of holes.

Drinking man was not there the next day.

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