Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm awesome™

[Referring to Neil Patrick Harris' Barney in How I Met Your Mother]

Andy: Think about it. He likes suits. I like suits. He likes the word awesome. I trademarked the word awesome...

Sandlot: You can trademark the word awesome.

Sandlot: *can't

Andy: Too bad. You can't take it back.

Sandlot: TYPO!

Please send all royalty cheques c/o Andyland.


Jerry said...

If you trademarked the word awesome then I definitely trademarked...

Legen...WAIT FOR IT...DARY!!!!

sandlot said...

This is a very unawesome post. It was a typo!!!!!!

On another note, my newest goal is to surpass the "school" label. This is label #3. 90 more to go.

a_ndy said...

Surpass the school label? Nobody can do that!... unless of course there was an Andy label, but that would be kind of redundant.

sandlot said...

It took approximately 10 months to get 80 more label posts. This currently places me at 83 tags and in second place (64 tags behind school).

This also means that you blog about me about 8 times per month. For someone who thinks about me ALL THE TIME, you can do better than this. BAHAHAHA.