Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living in Toronto

So, living at home in the suburbs through medical school has been an interesting (and at times arduous) experience. With most of my friends living downtown, I've formed a slew of new opinions about living in Toronto. Most of these can be summarized by the following two points:

Reasons not to live in Toronto
  • City workers' unions suck
That's right, while Torontonians are busy living in their own filth, us suburbanites have proper and uninterrupted sanitation services. I feel really sad for the 10% non-union city workers who are left picking up the slack. My proposed solution? Fire the unions and hire illegal immigrants. It works in the United States.

Reasons to live in Toronto
  • City services suck
This is probably the most compelling reason I've found to move downtown. Getting kicked out of class or being late for work because your subway stopped running at Davisville Station, interrupting your morning nap and forcing you to wait three jam packed trains before you finally get on board another? Well, that's just lame.


Jerry said...

Ehhh Toronto ain't that bad. Give it a chance. Plus, you should be doing work instead of thinking of the finer points of why Toronto sucks.

p.s. Toronto is the best city in the world :D

a_ndy said...

Toronto may be the best city in the world, but there's nothing fine about why it sucks.

Jerry said...

lol well i don't have a witty comeback for you, but I figured I might as well make the comments an odd number :D