Thursday, July 9, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen

Today I went to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with Brutus. Despite critical reviews, the movie was actually quite good! True, the plot was a little bit sketchy (Why didn't the government notice this big alien satellite in the sky? Why reveal the location of every secret government hideout on the radio on a whim?), but are you really going to see this movie for the plot?

As per expectations, the movie was loaded with high end explosions, killer battles, and excellent special effects. It had a distinctly old-school feel with Yoda-esque voices and Emperor Palpatine-like villains ("My apprentice... [evil snicker]"). Not exactly original, slightly cheesy, and certainly standing on the shoulders of giants; but nonetheless entertaining. All those gratuitous slow-motion Megan Fox running scenes didn't hurt either...

One thing I did take issue with, however, was how the movie often deviated from the spirit of the Transformers series. The second half, loaded with giant vehicles, interlocking robots, and epic battles was perfect. The first half involved tiny, skittish Decepticons which melded together to form a larger robot (oddly reminiscent of Stargate's "replicators"); and human-form Decepticons which tried to seduce Sam then kill him in the throes of the act. I mean, please. This is Transformers, not the First Wave.


Michael said...

The tiny robots weren't a TOTAL deviation from Transformers, I mean, you do remember the mini-cassettes, right? So at least that pet transformer Megan Fox carried around was pretty much based in reality - small robots -> better for espionage.

Anyways, I enjoyed the film, because I went in with expectations of big robots, explosions and Megan Fox's boobs, and it didn't fail to amuse.

However, I did have moments where I really had to concentrate hard to NOT think about the plot... for good reason: Here is the best review of the movie ever.

a_ndy said...


Michael, Michael, Michael, you always make my day, man... although I have to admit, having a website titled "Topless Robot" in my history at work makes me a little nervous.

Yes this review was bang on and appropriately hilarious as you said. I particularly liked:

What follows is the most spectacular part of the movie, as Sam and Mikaela try to run the several miles back to the military camp during a massive Decepticon attack where the military has dropped Optimus Prime's corpse.

Why is that awesome? They could drive back in one of the Autobots and be there in a minute or two.
They don't do that.

They walk.

And of course...

Second of all, what the fuck does making a tomb of their own bodies do? Shouldn't they have stayed alive to protect the Matrix? Or finish off the Fallen? Or just not die and leave Earth and the entire Transformer race in jeopardy?

And it's true, the military is really just there to look sexy.

Yes, the plot certainly did require some additional brain-shut-down to digest, but I do think the reviewer was a bit hard on it. I mean, first of all, I don't think it's totally preposterous for the AllSpark to have life-giving (which is its primary function) and life-taking abilities. I mean caffeine is the life-blood of physicians, but if you inject the all-source of caffeine straight into your heart, I bet you'd die too.

Secondly, Sam had a teeny little piece of the shard, and I didn't really get the impression that Jetfire was dead in that museum... just kind of, out of commission. The shard can be his morning pick-me-up.

I know, I know, I'm missing the point: The review was funny, the movie was exciting, and Megan Fox has an uncanny bounce to her step.

Joyce said...

Admittedly, i never even bothered to watch the first Transformers movie... Just can't bring myself to pay to watch a mindless, explosion-filled movie. :\

Catalogue of Queens said...

I so wanted to get a Transformers t-shirt after the movie!