Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Run-on sentence

Sometimes people message you randomly. You know the ones - the ones that haven't talked to you in years and years. The ones who aren't really your friends, but you get excited that they want to communicate with you. Except they don't - they just want something else.

I've been that person before. I needed to survey ladies for a Statistics project I was doing on female perceptions of gaming, so I took a convenience sample of every person with two X chromosomes on my Messenger contact list. I'm sorry for disappointing you.

To celebrate Mello's safe return from C-U-B-A with J-Rock and Yuffie (Oooooh...), allow me to share the following exciting chat that Mello received via Messenger from a non-friend while I was helping her pack up for her trip last week:

can you do me a favour please? Karen (my gf) is doing her thesis on a psychometric test, basically an online questionnaire that will take you 30 mins to do her thesis depends on it and if she can't get enough response by wednesday, m she will fail so can i ask her to send you an e-mail with the links please?

Now read that as fast as you possibly can with emphasis on the, "she will fail." Then, please laugh out loud.


Jerry said...

sorry man, me no get it lol why is it funny?

a_ndy said...

Sorry, clearly this entry is a miss. I guess you actually have to hear me read this message out loud (and even then, it might not quite work). Maybe I'll make a voice recording and give it another go.

sandlot said...

i don't get it either. i think your post just failed. lol.

a_ndy said...

Yes, so I think this sounds a lot funnier in my head (although one of my friends did affirm that they found it amusing, just not ROFL funny). I actually did try to read it off the way it sounds in my head, except that I realized that when I read that fast my words get all jumbled together, not to mention that I don't really like the sound of my own voice!

In a happy medium, I think you'd all be better off re-reading the aforementioned post pretending that it was read by Yahtzee whose fast-reading Australian antics are sure to please.