Sunday, July 19, 2009

We are rock legends

Today, J-Rock came over to do some hardcore gaming like you've never seen. We had at first hoped to have a fuller ensemble for our Rock Band escapades, but Mello was uninterested, Stewie was busy cavorting with his other half, and Sydney was suspiciously missing.

In order to flesh out our band, I decided to do what all great lead singers do - play the guitar and sing at the same time. I took the difficulty on the guitar down to Medium so I wouldn't have to move my hands around. As for the microphone, we stood it on makeshift stand consisting of a clothing steamer (lazy-man's-iron). Rock history was ready to be made.

As proof of our activities I offer the above video and its amusing annotations. Don't expect to see my face though, as my identity shall forever remain shrouded in mystery! [insert evil laughter here]

In my defence, I'd like to note that I had already been singing for at least half an hour before we even considered filming, and my voice was already dying.


sandlot said...

WHERE'S THE EMOTION? You guys seem to have the technical part down. Now you just need to work on your performance persona.

a_ndy said...

Damn, you noticed that eh? I was hoping all the text bubbles would distract people.

Mello said...

I really did miss out! =(

It's ok, next time I will be there to add the emotions, lol!

Joyce said...

LOL omg you guys are so intense...

(And Rabbids ftw!)

a_ndy said...

I sent my sister the YouTube link, and she sent this back:

"BTW, did you know that BJ isn't just short for Bon Jovi?

There were some... um... interesting titles grouped with yours."