Saturday, August 8, 2009

An apple a day

So after weeks of wearing myself to the bone with this engagement, that dinner, this gathering, and that chat session, I am finally sick. My work friends have told me I should take things easy and get some sleep because they're starting to worry about my well-being. However, I haven't exactly taken this advice to heart...

After dinner with Kushima at Manpuku (my third time eating there in the last two weeks), I met up with Sydney for tennis followed by Wii Sports Resort. I proceeded to stay up till 4 AM, keeping my extremely jet-lagged friend company on Windows Live despite the protests of my aching throat.

This morning afternoon, I refused to crawl out of bed until 1 PM. Despite my persistent illness, I met up with Mello at FMP. Whilst trying to pick a restaurant, I followed my nose to a Beef Noodle House. Boy, that made me happy. J-Rock joined us at the mall where I picked up a taro milk bubble-tea. My sore throat made me regret ordering a cold drink, but boy was it worth it.

We stepped into Smart Maple to look for a new phone dangle for Mello. While there, I noted these extremely creepy figurines which looked like mannequins with coat hangers sticking out of their arms and heads. We couldn't figure out what the purpose was, since they were obviously much too small to hang actual clothing on. I floated the possibility that people hang Barbie-sized clothing on them, then elaborated on the creepiness by posing the scenario of Barbie doing away with her Ken love-rivals and turning them into coat stands. Yuck!

Quote of the day (courtesy of Mello): "Don't you think that medical terms sound like Harry Potters spells? Levator ani gubernaculum! [*POOF*]"


Your Still Jet Lagged Friend said...

I'm telling you.. you're missing out on a great time at 7:45am. Screw your sickness.

shirls said...

Sorry to hear that you finally got sick. I hope you get well soon. Lots of rest and lots of fluids.

My friend signed me up for Twitter: s_vien

Joyce said...

Awww too bad you're sick, but you really have been pushing it recently ^^;;; Feel better soon!

Oh btw, those creepy figurines are for hanging jewellery. xD;;;