Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bathroom and beyond

So, this weekend Ruru and I went to FMP (for Kushima: First Markham Place) to eat lunch and watch Ponyo, the latest film by animation legend Hayao Miyazaki. The movie was characteristically trippy and relatively slow paced (the ending was a little too easy, too pleasant), but it was still quite cool.

We stopped for lunch at a Japanese restaurant lining the outside of the mall. I made a visit to the men's room to find the oddest of arrangements. As I walked in the door, there was a sink to my left. To my right, there was a urinal. Further right, there was a stall. As I peered inside the stall, there was a full-sized shelf housing cleaning products and and other miscellany. In fact, this shelf was the first and most salient feature of the washroom. Thus, when I walked in, I made a double-take and questioned whether I had walked into the storage closet instead. It was only after this sensation of surprise that I noted the sink, the urinal, the toilet situated about a foot in front of the shelf, and the toilet paper dispenser immediately behind. Seriously, though, the washroom and janitor's closet should be kept separate. Real estate at FMP must be very precious.

The situation reminded me of the last time I had eaten at FMP. Mello and I had followed our noses to a beef noodle restaurant. That time, when I had gone to visit the bathroom, there were two doors. One was marked with the universal symbol for "Men" and the other for "Handicapped." I'm not sure what the implication there is.

In conclusion: Restaurants at FMP don't have enough space for washrooms... ergo, the ones they have are slightly odd.


Joyce said...

Errr please tell me that photo is a generic image you found off Google, and that you didn't take it with your phone's camera or something... LOL!

i'm still pretty disappointed with Ponyo. >:

a_ndy said...

It's from my camera phone. I spare no expense for my blog. :D