Monday, August 24, 2009

Canada's Next Top MD

Today, I helped register the bright and eager class of 2013. Our volunteer t-shirts were fluorescent orange and emblazoned with the title "Canada's Next Top MD." Clever... if just a wee bit tacky. There are few pieces of apparel that so flagrantly scream "I'm in Med School" like Orientation Week tees.

J-Rock: Why is that even though half of this class is probably older than me, with Masters and PhD's, I feel older than them?

Andy: Dude, it's the Grade Divide. I blogged about this! Sheesh, I'm going to blog this and link to that blog entry, because clearly you need to read it again.

In other news...

Andy [to Yee]: So, my friend thought it was hilarious I wrote that I used to find girls with braces attractive. She wouldn't stop talking about it.

Boy Wonder [eavesdropping]: Wait, did you just say you used to slap girls in their faces?

Andy: ...


Riona55 said...

that orange shirt looks less fluorescent than in real life.

ps. I have now followed in your footsteps. proud?

Jerry said...

The orange shirts are AMAZING :D And yes, screaming I am in Med School is definitely a perk to owning one.

It can match my other orange med school shirt :D

eleasa said...

tacky, but amusing! i like.