Friday, August 14, 2009

He's got balls

For the last couple of weeks, our lab group has been joined by an enthusiastic young high school volunteer student. While he happens to be an adolescent Asian male, he does not play video games of any kind. As if that weren't unusual enough, he is also a competitive gymnast. Interesting...

Lately, this Boy Wonder (BW) has been expressing discomfort about hanging around us old folks (20+). He has, on multiple occasions, inquired as to whether there were any other high school students working nearby. There are not. However, I've been more than willing to help him on his quest to seek younger company.

If you recall, I work in the Research Institute, a satellite building affiliated with the Hospital for Unwell Muppets (HUMP: affectionate nickname). What you may not know is that the Research Institute only represents a couple of floors in an otherwise eclectic professional building. Yesterday, the building held a "tenant appreciation lunch," or in layman's terms, a free barbecue. The barbecue started at 11:30 AM, and by the time my friends and I decided to head down at 11:45, there was a line the size of the CN Tower.

Whilst in line, I took a moment to scan the crowd. Immediately behind us was a particularly young looking girl. High school aged? I turned towards the Boy Wonder only to find him casting an evaluative peek in the same direction. "Hey, that girl looks like she could be in high school. You should go introduce yourself," I commented, half in jest.

BW looked taken aback. "Actually, I was thinking the same thing..."

It was my turn to be surprised. "Oh really? Then you should do it!"

"Well, I can't do it now that you told me to," he replied bashfully.

"It's okay, I won't look," I said, covering my eyes in mock disinterest.

Still, I didn't see it coming when BW abruptly slipped backwards and injected a hasty, "Hey, so do you work here too?" My friend and I quickly formed a wall to block BW's return to our part of the line should he chicken out. He was now past the point of no return.

By the time we arrived at the front of the line, BW had disappeared somewhere behind us. Meanwhile, a number of uncouth middle-aged ladies had maneuvered themselves from behind us to beside us in a not-so-subtle attempt to cut the line. Luckily, we were on the side with the plates. When the ladies finally clued in and slithered in behind us to snag plates of their own, I heard them refer to BW (whom they had just cut), "Don't worry, he wants to stay behind us. So cute!"

I picked up a hot dog then proceeded several feet away to stock up on condiments. Meanwhile, I commented offhand to my friend, "Wow, I'm pretty impressed with BW..." Then out of nowhere, "What about me?" BW was back. Apparently, his lady friend had just graduated Grade 12, putting her 2 years ahead of him. He had disengaged. Still, it was a ballsy manoeuvre, and for that I offer my respect. BW was very touchy about the subject for the rest of the day.


Speaking of barbecues, I had this interesting conversation with Kushima later that evening:

K: Didn't go to L's BBQ?

A: L's whatchamacallit?

K: He was holding some eating event today.

A: ...Yes, I know what BBQ stands for.

K: Do you? Actually, I don't.

A: Really? It's barbecue...

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