Sunday, August 9, 2009

I smell school in the air...

It feels like I'm back in school, with a draft PowerPoint Presentation for my project due tomorrow, and me barely started at 11 PM. I've been avoiding this bit of work like the plague today. Let's review some of the activities I partook of instead:
  • Attended Sunday service

  • Folded my laundry

  • Tidied my room (I became a bit concerned when J-Rock told me the other day that my room finally looked like somewhere he could live)

  • Took a bowl out of the dishwasher to eat congee, felt guilty, and unloaded the dishwasher ("gwai jai!"

  • Cleaned up my hard drive

  • Finished season 2 of How I Met Your Mother
On the downside, I now have my entire presentation to draft up. On the upside, I believe my cleanliness complex, MD-in-progress, and ability to kill insects, set me up as model boyfriend material.


shirls said...

Productive procrastination.

I find that I am always cleaning my room around exam time.

Do you kill spiders and centipedes?

a_ndy said...

Of course I do. Although, I'm a little bit less steady handed with centipedes.

sandlot said...

Almost one year later, and I can say you are definitely model boyfriend material. But you shouldn't be a model to anything because I only want you for myself. No other carbon copy andy's can be running around.