Monday, August 10, 2009

This is where science is made

Monday is research day, when all the full-year student researchers get together for afternoon seminars and listen to each other yak about their projects. What lies inside these bright minds?

B: Did you grow out your hair?

D: Yeah, I did. It's just a summer thing I think though.

B: I love guys with long hair.

D: [turns to me] Hey, you have nice and long hair too.

B: Yeah, but his hair isn't curly. Yours is so nice and curly.

Gee, thanks for slighting me to my face, B. Such a model citizen.

J: [setting up his presentation] So the last time I used a computer in public, it was kind of a bad experience. My desktop showed up and I had some... well, what I think are unusually named files. People judged me.

A: [to Mello] That'll teach you to hide your porn on your desktop.

J put up a really entertaining presentation, but spent half of it cracking jokes about neurology and how it sucks... when clearly his project is a neurology project and he is in love with it.

Ting: I don't watch Harry Potter movies. I like the books. Besides, I don't like their accents.

A: You don't like their accents?!

T: Yeah, I don't like British accents. They're so pretentious.

A: Pretentious? No, no, they're refined.

T: Whatever. I grew up in the hoodlum... wait, is that even a word?

A: Uh... I think you mean you grew up in the hood, and you are a hoodlum.

T: Oh, yeah! That's it!

A: And by the way, you fail at being a hoodlum.

Dinner at Manpuku for the fourth time, then Initial D with J-Rock, Mello, and Stewie. Jay Chou speaks Cantonese the same way I do!

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