Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bet you'd vote for Palin!

Peeps were hatin' on it 'fore I left my comment...

So, after discovering the wonder of Web Site Story, I realized that College Humour puts together some pretty original and thoroughly entertaining stuff (although, as some have come to realize, it takes work to sift through all the crap). Buried amongst the refuse is this absolutely golden and catchy tune which makes a play on all the dung-heads that leave comments on the Internet. Of course, what makes the video epic is its disturbing level of authenticity - i.e. it's funny because it's true.

From the pervy mansluts who come out of the woodwork every time someone posts a picture of a pretty girl to the racist bigot from I've-never-seen-an-Asian, TX; village idiots from all walks of life converge on empowering anonymity of the Internet to voice their opinions.

My brother's hugely politically incorrect colleague posed it this way: "Winning an argument in an online forum is like winning the Special Olympics - even if you win, you're still retarded."

homophobe193: Gay-ay-ay
whitepower21: You guys know who I hate?
people who are mixed race.
also mexicans, redheads, and asians.

xandinator: why r u guys so racist.
xandinator: why r u guys so racist.
xandinator: double post, my bad.
strongman34: this kid’s a noob fag.

dFendr93: what’s your problem douchebag?
xandinator: ur the ass, fucking fag!
strongman34: your a fag!
xandinator: You’re a BITCH!
huntergavin: All of you can suck my dick! 8==0

Well, Kushima, I guess this post finally puts the YouTube label ahead of you (33/32)... Except, it doesn't, because I just tagged you (33/33). Safe for another day - who says I'm not a team player?

Seriously, though - this vid is epic.

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Michael said...

One of my favs too. Some of their other skits are good too, like the wireless sluts one (not sure actual name), dickmento and 'best blowjob' (not sure actual name either).

"First post
Second post

(from memory).


"Ron Paul... 2012
He can't win, dont kid your self
Yes he can
Yeah he France, bet you'd vote for PA-LIN"


i hate fags. and jews."