Monday, September 21, 2009

Keri Hilson ft. Andy

In our lecture about genetic pathologies, the professor introduced us to the word "sibship" (brothers and sisters). Genetics? Sibship? From that point on, my mind was gone...

I used to be commander and chief of my sibship flying high
Till this X-linked mutation made me colour blind

Hate to know I'm lacking don't know why it happened
But I know it feels so damn grey
Said if I could go back and be other half sperm
Don't you know I would baby if I may
Photoreceptors, to the fullest, the load never too much
They detect the colour, they can see things redder than ever did spy
I swear to you the artist me just died tonight
Girl sometimes red...

Sometimes red comes around (red comes around, red comes around)
And genes get knocked down
Can't get back up
When they get knocked down (get knocked down)
Sometimes red comes around
And genes get knocked down
Can't get back up
When they get knocked down

The best part is that because I've rewritten Ne-Yo's part of the song, I've also cast myself as Kanye's love rival. That's great, because Kanye is a douche.

For bonus "Knock You Down" goodness, check out Sandlot's charming cover.


sandlot said...

hahaha you're sooo nerd andy. i love it.

in the words of a hiphop mogul: time to remix that shizzz.

Teddy said...

i expected u to sing it lol. nevertheless good job

Riona55 said...

wow, great job!

Joyce said...

i , too, was expecting you to sing the song! xD;;;

But nice!! i can see you've been very much "productive" lately ;D

Catalogue of Queens said...

Yea, so I pretty much know the song off by heart. so naturally, I sang out your lyrics. which rock. good job.

Jerry said...

LOL man i actually watched the video up to that part hoping to hear your voice dubbed over...but no... sadly I had to imagine your almost-bono voice singing your awesome lyrics

a_ndy said...

I did not and will not sing this. But my friend took the liberty of doing it for me. Check it out.