Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My alma mater

Stuart Street, Kingston, ON

Though it's only been one year, undergrad already feels so long ago. On the occasions to which I returned to Kingston, an eerie sensation followed. The streets felt familiar, but no longer like home. Words like JDUC stumbled clumsily out of my mouth. This was no longer my campus.

Still, today I was a little off my Toronto game. When researching my problem-based learning (PBL) exercise for tomorrow, I typed in http://library.queensu.ca instead of the UofT equivalent. Then, when trying to recall the name of our first year Respirology prof, I conjured Dr. Steve Iscoe instead of Dr. Sheldon Mintz.

On days like this, I miss brunch at Megalos, Sunday service at St. James, and all the ammenities of my comfy residence room.


Anonymous said...

my patience is dying...

Anonymous said...

it wont' be a Wed blog anymore since its Thurs now