Monday, September 28, 2009

No king in absentia

My friend Kushima was one of the earliest dedicated readers of my blog, and over time he's continually tracked his own blog presence by the number of entries in which I've tagged him. While he was once neck-in-neck with Mello, his position is beginning to waver, these days even being threatened by YouTube.

Understandably, because my blog is the ultimate litmus test for popularity, Kushima has been mildly distraught by this turn of events. He has, on a number of occasions, expressed that I ought to try harder to scrimp and scrounge for blogworthy events in which he is included.

Kushima: Well if you don't start helping here, I'll have to stop caring abt the ranking.

That said, it's hard to blog about someone you hardly ever see. Kushima, having taken to skipping out on our daily lectures, is often simply absent.

Kushima: I think that deserves a blog entry.

So, just this once I've decided to scrimp and scrounge and tell the story of Kushima's fall from blog ubiquity. But you can't forever be king in absentia.


kushima said...

I've missed only one short and useless day and you're already making a big deal out of it...but I really appreciate your effort with the special mention, perhaps will even more so if you actually gave me a net gain of one by not tagging mello lol

And who said your blog is a test of popularity?

a_ndy said...

Haha, really? Well then I guess it's just because you sit so far away. As for the labelling, I was just trying to help you get a leg up on YouTube.

kushima said...

Where possible, I'd like to aim a little higher, though given how Mello gets brownie points so effortlessly just like that I should be happy with the way things are now lol

Mello said...

Kushima, what do you mean, brownie points!? I think I just have a more interesting life than you do...MUHAHAHA!

Jerry said...

lol not so sure about that...I have the unfortunate circumstance of being in attendance at portions of said life and :D