Thursday, September 10, 2009

Your incestuous mind

So it's come to my attention that almost all of the men Mello is attracted to look to be bordering on thirty (even though most of them are only in their mid-late twenties). The following discussion of age in relationships ensued:

Mello: Don't you think it's weird for a guy to date an older woman?

Andy: Well, my brother's wife is my sister's age; and my sister's husband is my brother's age.

Mello: Oh, is your brother older than your sister?

Andy: No.

Mello: Oh, so it's like... your brother is married to your sister!

Okay, no. Mello went on to explain her train of thought. It went something like this: "If my sister was five years younger than me and was dating someone my age, and if I was dating someone five years younger than me (my sister's age), then it would make more sense for us to swap! So that's what I was thinking of for your siblings, except then I realized it doesn't work because they're opposite gender, so it would be like your brother was married to your sister!"

First of all, how does it make sense to swap? And secondly, if you actually performed the analogous swap with my siblings, they'd end up being queer, not incestuous.


Teddy said...

older woman can be hot.. they radiate their maturity, beaming with confidence

who's Mello again?

Riona55 said...

I was going to tell you that I feel honoured that I have a blogpost all for myself....and then I read it.

thanks andy.

Jerry said...

I enjoyed hearing about this in person as well as reading it again here.

Well done to the both of you! Encore! Encore!