Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you remember Hanson?

In 1997, along came a prepubescent boy band composed of three brothers - Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson. They were the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber of their time - young, catchy, and unjustifiably popular. Their breakout hit MMMBop featured three boys who looked and sounded like girls and completely incomprehensible lyrics, though this didn't stop it from being played on every radio station and garnering three Grammy nominations.

Of course, their runaway popularity didn't save them from being the butt of everyone's ridicule. At the time of the arrival of MMMBop, I had been working on a personal art project of sorts - a collage of different magazine clippings (mostly science fiction spaceships) applied to a starry background with amusing text bubbles depicting their interaction. Amongst the chaos of star-fighters geekily blasting away at each other and droids floating away into oblivion bobbed the decapitated heads of the Hanson brothers, spewing as witty and self-deprecating banter as an eleven year-old mind could devise. Their senseless lyrics and girly ways were sufficient impetus to draw my tweenage ire.

(Sadly, while I have distant photos of the aforementioned collage hanging on my wall, I gifted the actual item away to a friend many years ago.)

Then, just when I thought that Hanson had gone the way of the one-hit-wonder, they resurfaced in time to appear on 2000's pop music compilation Now! 5. With their voices cracked and their jaws squared off, this time around Hanson had produced a genuinely likable rock song entitled... This Time Around. With that last hurrah, Hanson's popularity got sick and died, never to be heard from again.

Yet with that final effort, Hanson managed to transform my memory of them to the guys who sang This Time Around in the glory days of music rather than the three girls whose decapitated heads graced my childhood geek collage. Well done, gentlemen.

P.S. Did you know that Hanson actually still exists as a band? It's true.


sandlot said...

... we need to work on your music tastes.

Anyway, this reminds me of how back in highschool, for a SAC fundraiser we played MMMBop continuously on the PA every single day before the 1st class of the day began. This MMMBop marathon only ceased once we reached a certain donation goal. It was reached pretty quickly. haha.

Joyce said...

My high school used the same tactic! But i guess we were cheap or something, because they played that song for a loooong time at our school (or maybe for what seemed like a long time...)

Kaiba said...

I hate Justin Bieber. His prepubescent squealing fills me with vomit-inducing rage. I have way more respect for Hanson and mmmbop was a hella catchy song.