Sunday, October 4, 2009

Noddin' my head like yeah

I'm embarrassed. In pop culture, Miley Cyrus falls into the same tweenage demographic as the Jonas Brothers and High School Musical. But after Miley's Party in the USA hit #1 on Virgin Radio's Top 3 last week, I found this infectiously catchy song stuck in my head all weekend.

This has happened before. Last summer, when Miley's breakthrough hit See You Again hit the radio, I found its juvenile charm to be rather enchanting - a silly, simple pop ballad about the heart throbbing anxiety of breaking the ice. We've all been there.

At the time, I asked my sister if she knew who sang the song, and she replied, "It's Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter. You know, Hannah Montana? Come on... even I know that." Sorry, who?!

Fun Fact # 1: Miley Cyrus' given name is "Destiny Hope." The name "Miley" is a nickname that is derived from "Smiley" and Miley's jovial demeanour.

Fun Fact # 2: I too have been nicknamed Smiley on more than one occasion - once by this kid in Grade 10 History class and once by the cafeteria lady at my alma mater. Does that make Miley unisex? Maybe my name should be Milo.

So whilst watching Miley's Party in the USA music video on my umpteenth study break, I crossed the stupid line and ventured down to read the YouTube user comments. It should come as no surprise the the denizens of the Internet are inane, irreverent, and... well, idiotic. Here are the relevant trends:
  1. People commenting on how huge Miley's breasts are. Call my cynical, but I'd say there's more than a wee bit of push-up going on there. Kushima once told me, "Time and cleavage - squeeze and you get more."

  2. Guys saying how they'd "tap that." First off, Miley Cyrus is sixteen. Second of all, when was the last time a pop star stooped to tap on a third-rate YouTube commenter?

  3. People complaining about how Miley Cyrus is a slut. Someone even said this video is X-rated... and they say modesty is dead.
Other Miley Cyrus songs that don't suck (as vetted by J-Rock): [1 | 2]


sandlot said...

I bet this song wasn't just stuck in your head, but you were also belting it out loud. A future rockband video in the making? haha.

Also, this: "Time and cleavage - squeeze and you get more." floored me.

And finally, "see you again" is a great song... and that's not only because i enjoying listening to songs targeted at the tween demographic.

Jerry said...

All i have to say is this...she turns 17 next month, and I think there is not that much push-up going on.

ASIDE from that, her songs are quite good, as andygen has pointed out. lol whichever 3rd rate YouTube commenter lands her is going to be one lucky nerd.

a_ndy said...

Sorry Jerry, half your age +7 is 18 and change. Try to stay away from the jailbait.

And yes, See You Again is, in fact, a really entertaining song. I'm glad you guys approve.

Joyce said...

i fall under the first trend category... 8D;;;

But yes, i have to admit, she's pretty good at singing... *shuffles away in shame*

a_ndy said...

Which one is the first trend? You're one of the people who comment on how huge Miley's breasts are?