Thursday, October 1, 2009

Once more into the Text

If you recall, back in August I invested in a texting plan for my Pay As You Go mobile phone account. My texting habits, the new charges for incoming texts, and my shoddy per-minute voice rate was eating away at my account balance at a rate of $40-50 CDN a month. At that rate, I figured, I might as well get a contract plan. My solution at the time was instead to invest in a texting plan. For a reasonable $6/mo I could text to my heart's desire and get free incoming texts. By shifting my phone habits away from voice and towards text, I could escape the unreasonable per-minute fees. So I thought.

Apparently, I've become a bit of a texting fiend. With a cap of 165 125 outgoing texts/mo (~4 per day), and 15 cents for each one thereafter, I was set up for failure. I'm pretty sure I burned through those 125 puppies in one week. In the end, I ran through the remaining $88 in my account in a paltry two months. So much for cutting down.

I toyed briefly with the idea of switching to a contract. I looked into a variety of hospital and student plans. The most impressive came out at $35/mo. Pretty good, right? Except with tax and network fees, that more or less equates to $50/mo. Not much for savings.

However, all is not lost. Clearly, I miscalculated in believing that 125 texts/mo would be sufficient. For an additional $4 ($10/mo), I've upped my texting limit to 2500. On an average month, that allocates me 83 outgoing texts a day. Yes, I think we can survive within that.

In the past two days, I've used 32.

Interestingly enough, while reviewing my usage history, I've found that Twitter is actually immune to my lovely texting plan. That is, tweeting from my phone still costs me 15 cents a message. That is super lame, but it means that I'm definitely going to have to cut down on tweeting on the go.

Oh yes, and as per my previous attempt at cost-savings, please be reminded that I probably won't pick up your call unless you're super duper incredible I really need to. Texting is for champs.


sandlot said...

I'm a little peeved that i'm not tagged in this post.........!!!!!!

Joyce said...

i guess i'm never "super duper incredible" then!!! >:O

But lol, can't believe you're still going on with this texting thing...

sandlot said...

I'm still a little peeved that i'm not tagged in this post!!!!!!!