Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Showdown of the Scholars

Yesterday, I was baffled to learn that many of my contemporaries overlook the scholarly research databases on which we have all been trained in favour of frank Google searches. After all, throughout undergrad and medical school I've received at least four or five library-facilitated search tutorials, all of which emphasized the robustness and sanctity of tools such as Medline. Supervising professors and post-docs have also all expected me to conduct targeted literature review in this manner. And while I have certainly supplemented my Medline searches with Google Scholar (for its ease of use) and reference mining, the utility of Ovid searches has been etched into my brain as sacrosanct.

Yet with Kushima, a second-year medical student with publications belted, and Sandlot, a graduate student studying a health-related field, both falling on the side of plain old Google searches (not even Google Scholar), I have begun to call into question my perception of scholarly research trends. It thus falls upon you, dear reader, to settle the score and answer the question...

Let the showdown begin.

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