Sunday, November 15, 2009

Awesome people, faulty logic

Well, I know what Sandlot thinks of people who live on campus...

Sandlot: So the girl with the short-shorts returned to the library wearing pants. I guess there is an upside to this cold weather.

Andy: Two outfits in one day, eh? I bet she lives on campus. I think living on campus is advantageous... everyone should do it.

Sandlot: Although, I doubt she did live on campus, because living on campus at Awesome U can mean a 15 minute walk to the library...

Sandlot: ...and a lot of odd people live on campus... like... the girl who wears hotpants.

Sandlot: QED.

Andy: That's not QED... that proof doesn't make sense at all.

Andy: 1) I doubt that she lives on campus.

Andy: 2) A lot of odd people live on campus. Like her.

Sandlot: Oh shoot... I mean...

Andy: This is a fallacious argument.

Sandlot: Ahh... okay, so that argument failed.

Andy: Yup. -1 point for misuse of QED. Plus -1 for epic fail.

Sandlot: Darn... who keeps score anyway...

Andy: NPH.


Sandlot: I just wanted to use QED, couldn't you just leave it be?

Andy: Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have another opportunity to use it when you're actually right.

Andy: Then again... maybe not.

Sandlot: Hey!

/evil laughter

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sandlot said...

You know what andy? I'll let this post slide because no matter how many -1's i receive, my score in awesomeness (yes, you read that correctly) will always be higher than yours.