Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dark Lord of the Text

This is what happens when a popstar's music career gets sick and dies: they become a physician.


In other news, during a particularly coma-inducing lecture today, I started texting J-Rock (who was sitting beside me) in a vain attempt to distract my brain enough to stay awake. This is how it went down:

Andy > J-Rock: Aaaaah!!!

Andy > J-Rock: Use the force, Luke...

Several minutes of watching J-Rock typing later...

J-Rock > Andy: sure thing master kenobi lol

Andy > J-Rock: Just trying to keep you awake, bro. I guess texting is pretty slow on your phone...

J-Rock turns to me, "That's not fair! You know Kenobi is not a word in my phone's dictionary. I had to type it out letter by letter!"

Andy > J-Rock: Best lecture... Ever

J-Rock points out Mello, who is one row down and several seats across from us. She is hunched over her notes. "Do you think she's reading or sleeping?" J-Rock begins to text furiously, daring me to beat him to it.

Andy > Mello: Are you sleeping?

I put down my phone while J-Rock is still scrambling for letters. Mello looks at her phone, turns around, looks at me, and shakes her head. J-Rock's text arrives a few seconds behind mine. A minute later, J-Rock holds up his phone in triumph: Mello had replied to his text and not to mine.

Mello > J-Rock: No, listening and reading.

Meanwhile, I had been texting Mello back.

Andy > Mello: J-Rock was racing me to text you, but he's too slow

Mello > Andy: Lol, fail

I hold the phone up so J-Rock can see. His jaw drops open in anguished defeat.

Andy > Mello: You just made my day

J-Rock > Andy, Mello: Lol hey it's not my fault i got eat fingers which slow down my typing!

Mello > J-Rock: Eat fingers?

Andy > J-Rock, Mello: Stop eating your fat fingers, bro.

J-Rock > Mello: Fat fingers

Mello > J-Rock: Lol, he beat you again

J-Rock's eyes pop out of his head. Game set and match.

Impressive. Most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet.


Joyce said...

Well, at least you're putting your texting plan to good use... well, "good" use. xD;;;

Anonymous said...

wow and the text msgs follow all the basic gramma rules - capitlizations, period at the end of sentence... imrpessive indeed