Thursday, November 12, 2009

Felled by the Common Cold

When I started out with a mildly scratchy throat last week, I had it in my head that I'd caught the infamous H1N1. In my mind, I had hoped that the partially geared up antibodies from my vaccination the week before combined with a particularly robust immune system were the reason for my mild symptoms, and that I'd fight the bug off in a day or two.

One week later, I've given up on my H1N1 delusions and resigned myself to reality - I have, once again, been felled by the common cold. What I have is not an uncharacteristically mild form of H1N1 due to a powerful immune system, but more likely a prototypical rhinovirus. Like my immunologically questionable friend, Sandlot, I too have a tendency to catch the proscribed five to seven upper respiratory tract infections (URI) a year.

Like I said, things started out with a bit of sore throat over the weekend. No cough meant no droplet spread, and I was feeling pretty fine about my body's defences. By the beginning of this week, I'd picked up an extra cough, which was particularly pronounced at night time. When I woke up this morning, I felt like things were perhaps starting to settle down. My throat didn't hurt, though it felt a big phlegmy. But by the time I got to class, the sniffles had really hit me. Things were so bad, that I had to excuse myself from interviewing my patient three times to go blow my nose. It was really quite embarrassing and tragic. Had I known things were going to go down like this, I imagine it might have been a good idea to skip school for the day.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that my woes should be almost over. As we learned for our first pathobiology exam, URIs are self-limiting infections that resolve after 7-10 days. They begin with an initial phase of sore throat (check), malaise (check), and/or fever (uncheck) followed by 1-2 days of nasal congestion (check). If all goes well, I should be well as can be at this time Saturday. Wish me luck.


sandlot said...

Congrats, you potentially infected a gazillion people today. On behalf of every person that you came across today, i would like to thank you for presenting them with an opportunity to be bed-ridden and chicken noodle soup dependent for the next 7-10 days. said...

Congrats, you got an h1n1 flu vaccination and ended up with a less dangerous flu.

-don't touch me with needles

-feel better soon

-needles suck