Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get with the Times, New Roman

Today, we had an academy session to learn about how to write up our Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and Research Ethics Board (REB) submissions for our upcoming Community Health projects. It's actually incredibly overwhelming and insane. At this point, I basically have just a research question - no tools, no methods, no plan... and my supervisor, despite professing weekly meetings during my interview, has been MIA from the onset. Yet somehow, within two weeks, I have to have buttoned down a full research plan including who is going to make first contact with patients, samples of the surveys and consent forms I will be using, what kind of analysis I am going to do, and on what timeline the project will be completed. I have no idea how this is going to happen.

Most of this headache became apparent during the second hour, in which we learned about the composition of our comprehensive Research Protocol and REB. For the first hour and a half of the morning, we had a diffuse and uninformative lecture on how to approach our ILP. This included such gems as not being "poorly prepared", using "greater than size 12 font" (although, upon clarification, size 12 is okay too), and using "specific verbs."

Andy: Things I learned today - a poor research plan is poor, use size 12 font, and use specific verbs... Hooray?

Sandlot: Oh that's good to know. Especially since I've been using size 14 Comic Sans with nonspecific verbs when writing a research paper.

This couldn't help but remind me of the amusing College Humour video posted above. What if the United Nations was, instead of diverse peoples, composed of different fonts? An aggregation of such characters would then be... a Font Conference.

Joking aside, I learned very little in the three hours of lecture I endured today... except that I'm entirely screwed.


Joyce said...

LOL!!!!! Futura's my favourite font :'D

shirls said...

ahahah!!! Loved the video! It was fantastic!!