Thursday, November 26, 2009

Royal emotional blackmail

Hi Victoria, Artsci '10

Thank you for your heartfelt and handwritten message hidden inside a desktop calendar. I'm glad that you think that despite having zero income and paying out a cool $19k annual tuition, I'm still in a position to help you through your undergraduate degree.

I sympathize for why you might need this kind of financial aid, since Queen's has just about the highest tuition in Ontario and spends their money frugally buying shoddy looking aluminum statues for thousands of dollars to decorate the front lawn of my residence building.

But given that you're graduating this year, I doubt my Monopoly money would do you much good anyways. Unless what you mean by "means so much to students like me" is that handwriting these notes to me is actually a paid job for you and in that way I'm helping to fund your tuition, in which case, you're welcome... I guess.

I'll tell you what, hit me back in ten years and maybe I'll be in a position to help out. Of course, by that time, you'll probably be on the receiving end of these money solicitations rather than dishing them out. Until then, feel free to continue pestering my parents instead.

3 comments: said...

at least you got a thank you. All faculties had to donate to the engineering's solar car project and I didn't get thank yous from them, all I got was "what program are you in? oh that's so easy compared to us." "do you ever have class?". One time a few of my friends were in the engineering society barbecue so I asked casually if I could attend and one of the guys sarcastically said "are you in engineering?" knowing I was not.

I would be so happy if I got a thank you.

sandlot said...

When did they start sending out handwritten thank you cards? And how come i haven't received one yet?

I also wonder how many cards Victoria hand to write. I smell discrete child labour...

Joyce said...

I just got this letter! haha
Btw, i don't think it's actually handwritten. i'm pretty sure it's printed. i compared mine to your photo, and it looks exactly the same. xD;;;