Sunday, November 1, 2009

See Stewie's doodle

Studying can be kind of fun.

Now before you smack me across the face, I'm not talking about the long and arduous process of committing facts to memory. No, I'm talking about the interesting surprises that you rediscover along the way. See, when lectures slow down, doodles tend to appear on people's pages. That's just the nature of things. Then, when it comes time to study... surprise!

Take for instance, the above figure - completely illegible because of UofT's ineptitude in black-and-white printing. Stewie's sarcastic commentary? "Best Figure EVAR!"

Things quickly devolved from there. By the next page, Stewie (presumably speaking of our professor) added the above annotation.

And by the next lecture...? I think the idea was to make it start off like, "I'm allergic to penicillin."


Of course, I talk my fair share of smack via doodles on people's notes as well. If you follow my Twitter, you may be aware that our professor ran half an hour overtime on Friday... mostly because she talks incredibly slowly and was obsessed with answering everyone's irrelevant questions and flying off on tangents despite already being short on time.

As a result, Mello's page became littered with the manifestations of my frustrations.
  • Left (top): STOP ASKING QUESTIONS O_O. If only my classmates could hear me.

  • Left (bot): NO CURE (to this lecture). My mirror neurons wrote "no cure" in response to the lecturer's assertion that systemic lupus erythematosus had no cure.

  • Middle: Mr. Potato Head with scrotal elephantiasis and parasites (presumably ascariasis) coming out of his mouth.

  • Right (top): The professor said that a certain battery of symptoms should "scream lupus in bright flashing lights." Hence, it's a lady... screaming "LUPUS"... in bright flashing lights. Har har.

  • Right (bottom): Our lecturer went off on a tangent about how her PBL group tried to discover the origin of the disease name "lupus." Of course, most people accept that it's known as lupus because of the butterfly-shaped malar rash patients get on their face (which looks like a wolf). She went on to discuss her group's own inventive ideas, such as how the disease is like a "wolf in sheep's clothing." If you make up your own explanation that's not true, it says.
But now, it's time to bunker down and pay more attention to diagnoses than doodles. If you'll excuse me.


Kushima said...

I wonder whether Stewie meant getting paid $200 or paying $200 for the endeavour...

Kushima said...

Either way I think it's too much LOL sry Stewie

a_ndy said...

Oh man, I just LOLed...

Michael said...

LOL So either I overpaid for her or I'm overcharging for myself.

Damn, that's quite the double-burn...

I'm pretty sure it was getting paid, but I am a very open-minded person. If you happen to have some photographic evidence I would be happy to re-evaluate my original assessment.

Michael said...

Also I'd like to add that my allergies are not a joke. It has been well-documented that I experience hyperacute oral and anal mucosal irritation after even the tiniest exposure.

So yea, even with Kushima.


Kushima said...

photographic evidence of what? like a close up of her if you were looking from the first row?

Btw $200 for 2 mins is an amazing rate! i bet most jobs out there don't pay that well

Kushima said...

wow adverse reaction in both ends eh...and well-documented = how much exposure?

I was gonna say that at the rate of $200/2min you'd be better off quitting med school and start "working" right away...but then there's the problem of refractory period (however long that might be) and more importantly, you gotta find enough rich victims ;)

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