Monday, November 9, 2009

This Common Ground ain't so common

Back at my alma mater of Queen's University stands a little coffee shop called the Common Ground, tucked away cozily inside the John Deutsch (pronounced doy-ch) University Centre (affectionately referred to as the JDUC: pronounced jay-duck). This is where our story begins.

Sandlot: They're closing down the Cogro!

Andy: Er um... what's the Cogro?

Sandlot: Are you serious? Co Gro. Common Ground.

Sandlot: Seriously, Andy. What the heck did you do during undergrad?

Andy: Oh, okay. You can't throw these acronyms at me.

Sandlot: But no one says Common Ground.

Andy: Well, I never hung out at Common Ground. It was just one of those places I passed by on my way to buy Tricolour tickets. (Chartered bus tickets to go home)

Sandlot: But people refer to it as Cogro, just like how everyone says JDUC. Aside from class, did you ever leave your rez?

At this point, friends, I have to interject that I did have a life outside of my residence building. I mean, I wasn't the complete nerd that Sandlot paints me to be... I swear. This lack of campus knowhow really had me confounded.

It was time to message everyone I knew from undergrad and get a straight answer.

J - My residence canmate, Life Sciences 2008

A: Can I ask you something? Do you know what Cogro is?

J: No, I have no clue.

A: Okay, cool.

J: Haha, sorry.

A: No no... Someone was making fun of me because I didn't know.

J: Oh.

J: ...

A: Apaprently, it's what everyone calls Common Ground in JDUC, but I had no idea.

J: Ohh... NO. Haha, sounds retarded. Sounds like some plant fertilizer...

+1 Andy. Sandlot had only this in response:

Sandlot: Um... people who lived in rez are a peculiar bunch.

Well, I wasn't going to take this lying down. It was time to cast the net wider.

K - One of my more outgoing friends, Life Sciences 2008, Non-rez

A: Question.

K: Hey, what's up?

A: Do you call Common Ground cogro?

K: Sometimes. Why?

A: I've never heard of this before.

K: Oh, lol. Yea.

A: Is that weird?

K: Nope, there is a lot of lingo I haven't heard of. :)

+1 Sandlot.

Lory - Previously "the mean one", Life Sciences 2009, McMaster Meds 2012

A: Hey, question.

L: Yup.

A: Do you call Common Ground cogro?

L: Yeah.

A: Hmm... I've never heard this before.

L: Whattttttttt????!!!! Really????

A: Lol, yeah.

L: Were you living under a rock?

Andy 1, Sandlot 2. Seriously, stop laughing.

I mean it.

M - DDR Club member, Biochem 2009, Rez

A: Do you call Common Ground cogro?

M: Yep.

A: Hmm, I've never heard this before.

M: Really? Hmmm, maybe people in our year came up with it. Lol, I dunno, I first heard it two years ago.

Andy 1, Sandlot 3.

However, this shatters Sandlot's "residence-dwellers are losers" paradigm. It also proposes an interesting new hypothesis: Cogro is from the Class of 2009. K hung out with a lot of 2009-ers, or as I still think of them, "the third years" (as though I am perma-stuck in my fourth and final year).

X - Life Sciences 2008, Rez

A: Did you call Common Ground at Queen's cogro?

X: Hmm, no.

A: Have you ever heard that before?

X: I guess I wasn't that trendy, lol.

A: Hmm, okay. Me neither, haha. But someone made fun of me today for that, so I've been asking around.

X: You were the special one perhaps? lol.

A: No, I mean, for not knowing that.

X: Oh. Hmm, well I am part of your group, then.

Andy 2, Sandlot 3. Another rez-dweller? Don't worry, there's more.

G - Arts guru, Life Sciences 2008, Non-rez

A: Hey, can I ask you something? Did you call Common Ground in JDUC cogro?

G: Er... no. Just Common Ground. :P Man, I miss Common Ground. I miss Queen's, just not Kingston.

Andy 3, Sandlot 3. Deuce.

R - My HK buddy, Biology 2008, Non-rez

A: Question.

R: ?

A: Did you call Common Ground cogro in undergrad?

R: No. Common Ground is Common Ground.

A: Haha, okay good. Have you ever heard Cogro before, though?

R: Nope. Not in my time.

A: Excellent, thanks.

Andy 4, Sandlot 3. Advantage Andy.

The Class of 2008 rejects your Cogro.

J - Thesis project labmate, Biochem 2008, Non-rez

A: Did you ever call Common Ground in JDUC cogro?

J: Hummmmm... No, haha.

A: Have you ever heard of that before?

J: The food place? Coffee bagel? Etc. Etc.

A: No, I mean calling Common Ground... Cogro.

J: Haha, nope.

A: Wait, do you know what Common Ground is?

J: I always thought its just the place where you get coffee and bagel in JDUC 2nd floor or something.

A: Yeah, that's right.

Andy 5, Sandlot 3. Game set and match.


So my Queen's pride is safe for another day. I don't know what Cogro means, but it's not because I was residence-insulated hermit... but because I'm more senior and mature. Just in addendum, however:

A: Let's confirm. You lived in a legit house and were not a rez-kid like me, right? Because my friend who made fun of me thought maybe this was because I was an insulated rez-dweller.

G: Hahaha, well, they did write "cogro" on their menus and signs...

Okay, so maybe not the knockout punch I was looking for.


sandlot said...

it has more followers than i do.

and your selection process is flawed.

a_ndy said...

You know, 88 followers for a coffee shop that services a campus of thousands is not that impressive.

And who could possibly find fault with a convenience sample of Queen's best and brightest? :)