Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's on your mind? Vol. III

Well, it's been many months since I installed Google Analytics on my blog, and one of the most amusing features of this application is tracking the keywords that land peoples on the humble shores of Chronicle from the foreign seas of the World Wide Web at large.

These days, the Medgames crowd has died down, and people are less interested in gay sex at Grad House. What's been on people's minds as of late? Here are the highlights of the 49 searches that sent people my way...

To spice things up a little, I'll be addressing search keywords as though they were mailbag questions because A) many people actually search in question form and B) it makes me feel more popular to think that people might actually mail me questions (which they don't).

#5, 9, 13-14, 18-19, 25-27, 31, & 38-42 - Glasses

Q: (#13-14, 18) Can glasses hide bags under the eyes?
A: Yes, they can. This is secretly why I wear them - because medical students don't sleep.

Q: (#19, 25-27, 31) Glasses make my eyes look small?
A: Yes and no. Depending on your prescription, your eyes will appear significantly smaller; but the accessory itself may help to fill out your face.

Q: (#38) Wear glasses look much older.
A: If by older you mean smarter, then yes.

Q: (#9) "I wear glasses."
A: Thanks for sharing.

Q: (#40) Wearing glasses I am 17.
A: ...

#10, 15, 17 - Types of Cosplay

Q: (#15) Cosplay for all body types?
A: I'm sure my post on the Five Types of Cosplay was not what this person was looking for. However, I can't help but offer my two cents: Dress up as a character that matches your own body type. If you're a 200 Pounds Beauty, feel free to dress up as Alphonse Elric or E. Honda, but for Pete's sake, please please resist the urge to put on Princess Leia's golden bikini or Supergirl's ridiculously short skirt.


Q: (#8) Compulsive procrastination?
A: You've come to the right place, my friend.

Q: (#32) Statement of intent for medical student.
A: In conclusion, I intend to study happiness through cookies.

Q: (#20) Halloween Haunt mazes outdoor Wonderland rating.
A: I hate clowns.

Q: (#22) HR nightmare.
A: The only reason I can think of that someone would want to search for HR nightmares is that they, like Ruru, enjoy reading about others' misfortunes... you sadist.

Q: (#11) Best in the world kalbi recipe.
A: Read: Yubin.

Q: (#23) Incestuous.
A: Read: Mello.

Q: (#16) DeviantArt 0ndy.
A: This is actually an interesting search string because it seems directly targeted at me. However, while my Blogger address might confuse people, my dA ID is actually a-ndy.

Q: (#46) Toronto MD backpack.
A: Believe it or not, my blog is actually one of the only Google searchable sites that has legitimate pictures of the Canadian medical school backpacks (as far as I can tell).

That said, I'd just like to remind you that Andy's Great Backpack Challenge is still on with the reward being a free-freaking-lunch.


Go forth into the world and get to it.

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Riona55 said...

Bahh! I have yet been able to catch a good picture of a bag outside of MSB/hospital territory.

fail =(....only for now though1 =D