Thursday, December 3, 2009

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain

Today I received a FB message from Syd that William Shatner walked by her desk! In my excitement, I sent her the above video, which is now stuck in the heads of a number of CBC employees. Brilliant.

I'm currently in the midst of climbing my own mountain - it's called my final PBD exam. Challenge the rock. Challenging death.

"Why do I climb the mountain? Because I'm in love."


Jerry said...

WHY was the original video even filmed? Like why is William Shatner even ever on screen talking about hugging mountains?

*shivers* very disturbing video lol funny though, but disturbing...

He even says he wants to make love to the mountain in the video...OY

a_ndy said...

From what I understand, this is part of the special features for Star Trek IV, which he directed. The movie opens with Kirk climbing a mountain for some inexplicable reason. Shatner tries to explain why but gets into some pretty weird stuff.