Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am T-Pain

Okay, you caught me. I should be studying for my Community Health exam on Tuesday, but instead I've been getting my snow tires installed, watching Korean drama, and otherwise goofing off.

In the latter category, today I downloaded and installed a 10-day trial version of Antares Autotune, the voice manipulation plug-in popularized by T-Pain.

You see, J-Rock and I have often lamented that our vocal abilities don't match our love of singing. I figured, the only way I was ever going to let my voice appear on this blog again was to a) get an expensive mic, b) take vocal lessons, or c) bludgeon the crap out of the recording with Autotune. I picked option C. Can you think of a better way to procrastinate?

I recorded a short clip of Heart's Alone. Check it out:

Get your own playlist at!

Universal Music Group here I come!


Teddy said...

riiiiight, you're going to start phone-stalking girls..../guys with the voice-changing software aren't u?

Teddy said...

i'm bored where's your new post? you should post something controversial again so there'll be another huge spike in comments!!!

Jerry said...

lol it sounds like your voice, what improvements to your voice did you make with the software?