Monday, December 7, 2009

Inking the Milky Way

So, I picked up this "White Milk" pen at a high school fellowship Christmas gift exchange (one of those things where everyone puts a gift in a big pile and then draws one at random). It came with some Bible verse stationary. I never really gave it much thought, but I started using it this year to scribble down notes during exam studying, and as it turns out... it gives off this quite pleasant aroma as you write. I think maybe this is supposed to be a "milky" smell? In any case, it's quite likable. Although, since the pen is "Made in China," one has to wonder if I'm secretly inhaling toxic levels of melamine.

This reminded me of Mello's blog, where one entry read:

ps. my sister smells like milk!!!! *slurp*

Seriously, that's just freaking creepy.

As an aside, does anyone remember those Micro Machine trucks that you could shake up and sniff, and they were supposed to smell like whatever the truck was carrying? (e.g. if it was a Cream Soda truck, it was supposed to smell like Cream Soda?) Those were damn amazing. I am not a druggie.


Joyce said...

Hahaha i, too, am very paranoid about stuff that's made in China. D:

Don't sniff too much!

Jerry said...

soon you will be telling us about how you enjoy the smell of whiteout lol

better yet...are you sure that "White Milk" pen wasn't white out? said...

i thought that was a really cute comment, she smelled like milk *slurp* i just imagined odie licking garfield. if a girl smelled like milk i would like to slurp her too

Riona55 said...

*high five* to brutalturtle.

although, I do not approve of you slurping my sister. please don't.

a_ndy said...

Seriously, you guys creep me out.

@Jerry, I expected something more clever from you, but I respect that you held back. I'm sure that comment could have gone down quite differently...