Monday, December 14, 2009

Never say no to Tricia Helfer

...not that she's ever asked.

Seriously though, this game is like a smörgåsbord of actors from every major science fiction television show in the last two decades. Impressive.


Anonymous said...

when it asks to confirm my birthday before i can watch the video, i got excited... i waited with patience till the end, lets just say i'm disappointed :(

a_ndy said...

Sorry, I'll try to keep in mind that when I post videos on my blog, Teddy expects pr0n.

Anonymous said...

a_ndy produced too. i know you have a truck load of those

Michael said...

I think Teddy prefers videos like this:

(Don't worry, it's youtube so it's safe.. ish.)

a_ndy said...

Are you sure Teddy wouldn't prefer the game itself?

Sorry, Teddy, as far as I know I've never produced any anime pr0n (or any other kind, for that matter). Kthx.