Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sibliminal messaging

Last year, my family acquired a copy of Settlers of Catan, a popular strategy board game. Shorter and less aggressive than Risk, it quickly became a favoured activity for family get-togethers. (It's also quite popular with the upper-year medicine class. However, the inability to attack other players and my personal inability to win have dampened my enthusiasm for the game.)

This year, a number of Christmas gifts addressed to me did not quite make it home in time for the holidays. My oldest sister told me that since my gift from her was still in transit, I could have to the pleasure of opening a special gift that she had bought for the whole family.

Offhand, I commented, "Hah, is it like a Settlers expansion?"

This caused a sullen expression to cross my sister's face.

"Well, I guess you don't have to open it now," she replied. Then she added, "You know how sometimes it's great when we can read each other's minds? ...Yeah, sometimes it's not."

Oops. My bad.


Joyce said...

We should play! :D

a_ndy said...

Is this just because I never win?

Joyce said...

i'd take you down even if you normally win. mwahahaha (jk) 8D;;;