Monday, December 28, 2009

Smash it up!

Today, my sister and her fiancé returned to the States. Before they went, they smashed up their painstakingly crafted gingerbread train.

My oldest sister and I were chagrined to learn post-mortem that many parts of this "from scratch" gingerbread train were not as they appeared. For instance, the wheels were crafted out of ready-made biscuits and the cargo car carrying rock-shaped chocolates was actually mostly stuffed with popcorn.

"This kind of deception is a holiday tradition," my brother defended. "It's like when you bite into a chocolate bunny and find out it's hollow inside."

Well, Sandlot's and my gingerbread shack may not have been impressive, but at least it was honest... and awesome. Heh.

EDIT: So, I originally posted the video set to the Offspring's Smash it Up. However, YouTube worked quickly to identify the background track as copyrighted to WMG and muted my video. I was then forced to sift through dozens of obscure artists via YouTube's approved "AudioSwap" feature for finding background music. I eventually settled to a punk metal song by (who the heck are...) Spit for Athena. Rock on.

EDIT2: Holy smokes! Check out the name of their latest album!


sandlot said...

Haha. Well i hope that the title of their newest album has no relation to its predecessor: Piss is Perfect

also, it's sort of sad to see such a beautiful train being smashed to pieces. I hope at least some of the trainwreckage ended up in someone's belly.

Riona55 said...

In the spirit of EDIT2 of your entry:

holy smokes! check out this latest song!

haha, sorry for the advertisement, but he is awesome.

by the way, it's 2 days until the end of your backpack competition and I have yet to figure out how uploads pictures from my phone onto the computer. sniffs.

a_ndy said...

Okay, I'll admit it this time - that was really quite good. Way to leave a completely unrelated comment though.