Thursday, December 31, 2009

Super spy me

As some of you know, my brother has spent the last four years of his career working on the oft-delayed, up-and-coming video game blockbuster Splinter Cell: Conviction. It's a stealth action game featuring Michael Ironside reprising his role as the voice of one very angry and Jack Bauer-esque secret agent, Sam Fisher.

How this ties into my Christmas holiday is as follows: Recently, we had new vertical blinds installed in our television room to block out some of the ridiculous glare that makes it impossible to watch TV during the day. My brother vaguely noticed these as he came home for Christmas. Rather, he noticed that room had become rather dark, and moved to open the blinds so that light could stream in. Later in the night, after the sun had set, I hurried to close them.

You see, peering out a window into the pitch black makes me rather uncomfortable, and it always has. When the outside world is brightly lit, windows allow people inside to see outside, but not vice versa. However, when the outside world is dark and the inside world is brightly lit, windows allow people outside to see inside, but not vice versa. This first came to my attention during my undergrad at Queen's, where some residence-dwellers would leave their blinds open 24-7. At night time, walking towards the cafeteria, you could note how strange it was to be able to watch so-and-so studying diligently at their desk while simultaneously reading the posters on their wall.

Whilst I explained this phenomenon to my brother, he commented that this sounded exactly like his game. In fact, players are trained to this exact functioning of windows during the initial segments of Splinter Cell: Conviction. And why not? It's hard to be stealthy when everyone can see you all creeper-like.

My point? Even super spies pay heed: close your blinds when the world goes dark - unless you enjoy creepers:

Sandlot: ...if their blinds are open, then it's an invitation to peer inside.

Andy: Wait wait, do you actually walk up to the window or do you just look in when you're walking by on the sidewalk?

Sandlot: YO I'M NOT THAT CREEPY! I just look in when I'm walking by.

Andy: Okay, well I don't think that's a big deal. I agree if the window is open then... /shrugs

Sandlot: Haha, finally - someone who understands.

Andy: I always close my blinds when it gets dark because I know at night people can see in and I can't see out. During the day the glare makes it the other way round. If you're really worried, then you should close them.

Sandlot: Haha, I never thought of it like that. I just close it because there's no sunlight.

Andy: I feel very exposed sitting in this lightbox, knowing people can see in.

Sandlot: Paranoiddd...


Joyce said...

i still keep my blinds open at night if i'm working, makes me feel less boxed in. D:

sandlot said...

hmm perhaps i could excel at this window-peering component of splinter cell...