Saturday, December 5, 2009

That's how we roll

Friday brought with it a desire to wash away the tears of PBD and extend our sleep deprived zombie state by just one more night. We started off at J-Rock's condo with Chinese takeout and a miscellaneous brand of beer courtesy of Maximus.

J-Rock: What kind of beer is this?

Maximus: I don't know.

J-Rock: You don't know?! [But you brought it...]

Maximus, J-Rock, Mello, Stewie and I made a valiant effort to chug down these Arizona-Iced-Tea-sized cans of fluid, but ended up having to take two goes at it. Wrex sat this one out, presumably because some people just don't chug. But if there's anything that I've learned from life experience and Korean drama, it's that drinking alcohol as fast as you can distracts from the fact that beer tastes like piss. Always a plus.

Fun Fact: Maximus gets buzzed after half a beer, which I find intriguing, since he seems to be the one that brings beer to all the parties (e.g. Medgames).

We took the evening over to Hart House, as Kushima had convinced us all to buy tickets to the Grad House semi-formal. As it turned out, a room full of UofT graduate students is hardly the most happening crowd (Mello: "What does 'happening' mean?"). We mingled awkwardly while Kon helped himself to a variety of desserts. But a couple of tequila shots later, we all hit the dance floor (for better or for worse).

At this point ensued the best conversation of the night. I had reeled J-Rock and Kon into karaoke post-semi and was now trying to solicit Maximus' participation. Mello, on the other hand, had elected to be uncool and head to the club with Yuffie and Yubin. She also wanted Maximus' company. Maximus requested that we both put forth our arguments:

Mello: There will be hot... girls!

Maximus: Hot girls. That's pretty good. What you got?

Andy: Bros, man.

Maximus: Hmm... Bros before hoes. That's true. What about you?

Mello: You can be a... good friend!

Maximus: Good friend... before bros?!

Game set and match. We hit Bar Plus for karaoke until 3:30, but sadly none of our audio recordings are blogworthy - not unless you want your ears to bleed. I crashed at J-Rock's for the night and then got kicked out so his mom could come over and do his laundry. Heh.


sandlot said...

Wow. So your friend Maximus actually chose to go out with a bunch of guys over THREE GIRLS (assuming that those three are all girls) to a club filled with HOT GIRLS?

Wow. wow. wow. what a guy.

Riona55 said...

Actually, according to some people, Mello's actually a guy.

SleepyOne said...

Yes they were three girls... and not just girls but three HOT GIRLS!(plus a hot sister and hot friend... making it 5 HOT GIRLS!)

Jerry said...

Yah, when I watched Death Note I thought Mello was a guy, and then when I started reading this blog I still thought he was a guy ... hehe

The convo with Maximus is awesome. Maybe Maximus is a deserving name for him...

Kaiba said...

Wait... Death Note Mello isn't a guy???

Teddy said...

and dicks before chicks?