Thursday, January 14, 2010

Imma cut you good

The second-year medical class is an ocean of ubiquitous and iconic blue backpacks. Even so, we all need a way to distinguish our own.

J-Rock: How come your backpack has three pins now?

Andy: Because I got new ones for Christmas.

J-Rock: But what if you lose them, like what happened to your Superman pin? Then you'll lose all three at once.

Andy: Don't worry, they aren't coming off this time. I learn from my mistakes.

J-Rock: Well, they don't necessarily need to fall off by themselves... someone could steal them.

Andy: ..................

Andy: Why, are you planning to steal one?

J-Rock: I was thinking of stealing the Batman one.

Andy: Anyways, they aren't coming off by themselves. Take a look.

[ J-Rock leans in for a closer examination ]

J-Rock: Pfft... glue isn't going to keep them from coming off! You glued them shut, right?

Andy: Yeah, with a glue gun.

J-Rock: Ah, I have a Swiss Army knife in my bag. I could cut that off easy!

Andy: ..................

Andy: Well obviously if you cut it...

J-Rock: Although, you'd have to stand still otherwise I might accidentally cut you.

Andy: Typical Scarborough upbringing.

So G.


Anonymous said...

lets do it jrock. i distract him, and u use ur swiss army knife

take all 3 pins. we'll share the loot

sandlot said...

whaaattttt?!!!! out of all three of the buttons on your bag, j-rock wants to steal the batman one? AND NOT THE OTHER TWO?

tsk. tsk.

a_ndy said...

He knows I'd kill him dead if he stole the buttons you gave me. The Batman one, he might be able to steal and live.

Jerry said...

@Teddy: Tomorrow at 11am, we'll set our trap in motion!

@sandlot: Batman is a member of the Justice League! he's also my alterior identity, so of COURSE i need to steal it!

@Andy: dude, you should feel honoured to be rolling with a peep like myself from the heart of Scarlem :D

a_ndy said...

So basically, what you just said, "I'm part of the Justice League so I need to steal it." What a hero there, Bruce.

Jerry said...

It's Master Bruce to you, Mr. Alfred Pennyworth. :D

Joyce said...
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Joyce said...

Glue gunning buttons?! That's pretty hardcore...
But actually, that would help prevent button stab wounds, wish i thought of that! xD;;;