Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mechanical advantage

Yesterday, Mello and I hit up our friend Molly's party for some intense SingStar and Taboo action. I came out bitterly defeated on all counts - destroyed by Molly's pitch perfect rendition of Hoobastank's the Reason (of which I am king) and part of the ineffective XY team in Taboo (our score was undermined by a couple of Molly's friends who had a less than optimal command of the language). At the end of the night, Mello and I walked back to her condo where I had parked. My sister was also downtown and was expecting me to pick her up by car.

Mello: Andy, stop walking so fast.

Andy: Oh, sorry. I have to pick up my sister, and she's waiting outside.

Mello: Oh, okay.

Andy: Are you wearing heels?

At this point, it's worth interjecting that the first time that Mello commented on my walking speed, she told me that I walk too slow. I guess I had taken to keeping a leisurely pace while with her, because I most certainly do not walk slow usually (Brutus can attest to this - he consistently tells me to slow down). I obliged by picking up the pace. I guess Mello is used to walking fast in light up her upcoming medical career. Doctors tend to walk quickly because they're always in a hurry. My summer supervisor in undergrad, who was a small Chinese lady about 5'4 in height, once urged me to walk faster as she hurried along at an inhuman pace, "C'mon," she goaded, "You have such long legs."

The second time Mello commented on my walking pace, she told me to slow down. Of course, this was the opportune time to bring up the fact that she had previously chastised me for walking too slowly. This time, Mello used the excuse of wearing heels. This is a reason that all well-trained boys respect because, well, we don't have to wear them (re: My Sassy Girl).

This time Mello was not wearing heels and so had little excuse for her lagging behind save for the fact that she was now subject to the full fury of my natural walking pace (and not my leisurely one). /evil laughter

Mello: It's not fair. You have a mechanical advantage. (read: long legs)

Andy: Mechanical advantage? No, this is mechanical advantage.

I proceeded to pick up my walking pace, taking full advantage of my stride length. Mello yelped as she picked up to a bubbly little skip or jog beside me.

Andy: See, now I'm still walking, and you're running.

Okay, so that was a little bit evil, but irresistibly amusing.

Mello: Grr, how tall are you?

Andy: Mmm... 5'9?

Mello: See! I'm 5'3 - not even, like 5'2 and 3/4. Whoa............

Mello: I'm really short!


shirls said...

Mello's realization of her height made me LOL :D

Word Verification: ungsto

Jerry said...

the last clip of convo rang like Mello. Especially the "Whoa...I'm really short!"

It saddens me that you could not take down Molly, even in the Reason.

Did you try Bad Day? I remember you being good at that one too

5"2 and 3/4 said...

It's sad, because I can actually clearly picture myself say that. Hey, it was a genuine realization! lol.

By the way, guess who won singing Bad Day against Andy? =P