Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not a girl, not yet a woman

Stewie was the subject of intense lunchtime discussion today, having pen-tattooed the word "Pharmacokinetics" onto his arm during lecture, complete with loopy cursive handwriting and an affectionate-looking heart. We'd all chalked it up to Yuffie's doing (who was sitting beside him in class), but apparently Stewie had done the deed himself.

J-Rock commented that he had learned never to take Stewie's maleness for granted. Our friend Sherry took things a tad farther:

Sherry: Stewie is totally a girl. Look - the flowery handwriting on his arm, his cute thermos, and his fingernails which are nicer than mine! I pay a lot of attention to fingernails, so I should know. I'm jealous of those fingernails!

J-Rock: [to Stewie] Oh, that doesn't say good things about you.

Stewie: Actually, I think it doesn't say good things about her either.

J-Rock: Oh, true.

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Jerry said...


Let us never forget this tribute to Stewie's manliness.