Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We surveyed 100 people...

So, it's come to pass that at twelve noon in the student lounge of my academy hospital, back-to-back episodes of Family Feud air on television. It's the favourite of our undergraduate medical education coordinator, and today I overheard her boasting of we the medical students, "I've trained them so well that if I walk in the room and they're watching something else, they immediately reach to change the channel."

Yes, watching John O'Hurley pit one family against another family against America while he swoops in to fondle his female contestants is a thoroughly entertaining exercise. We approve or disapprove answers and shout our own at the TV, swearing that we could do better.

The premise behind Family Feud is this - 100 people are polled for their answers to a particular question. The top answers appear on the board and families have to guess what they are. Now over the last year and a half I've watched a fair share of Family Feud, and some of the answers are just plain awful. Here are some of the highlights:

Q: Name a famous tiger
A: The Lion King

Gee, how could I have ever thought the two were different? The top answer was Tony the Tiger.

Q: Name something you don't want to see come out of your closet
A: A shirt

Amazingly, this actually appeared on the board for 8 points. Even the host was flabbergasted. The top answer was a person.

Q: Name a country in South America
A: Africa

This one came courtesy of our coordinator, who commented, "I know it's hard under pressure, and it could have been understandable if they at least named a country in Africa... but Africa?"

Q: Name something people like to walk bare feet in
A: Snow

Sorry, wrong season, pal.

Q: Name something you can do with one finger
A: Drive a car

One finger, not one hand. Oh dear...

Interestingly enough, the top answers for both the question "How fun do you think it would be to be President" and "How fun do you think it would be to be famous" was 1/10. I think I definitely would have picked 10/10 to both, but maybe that's just because I'm a narcissistic bastard with megalomaniac ambitions who was born to be attended to by the world.


Anonymous said...

i think if u poll the question "name a famous tiger" again today for an answer, it'll be 'Tiger Woods' haha

Michael said...

A classic Family Feud

a_ndy said...

ROFL! "You don't use narcotics, do you Bill?" This host is so much meaner than the current one... but hilarious.

sandlot said...

Q: Name something you don't want to see come out of your closet

A: R.Kelly


Joyce said...

Hahaha oh family feud, good times :'D