Saturday, January 23, 2010

You drive me crazy

[photo credit: thieved from Brutus' AsianAvenue circa high school]

My friends and I sat in the cafeteria discussing our future prospects for hospital placement during our clerkship years. Mello, who like me has uptown parentals, commented: "If I get Sunnybrook, I can just live at home and have my parents drive me in the morning." Valid.

We then segued into a discussion of whether Mello could drive herself to the hospital. I quickly chimed in that despite having a legit license, Mello could in fact, not. Mind you, I've never actually seen Mello drive a car, but she has self-admitted on more than one occasion that she seldom does so and is, in fact, not very good at it.

J-Rock, putting faith in Mello, instantly disagreed with me. He turned to Mello to ask her whether or not she could drive. "Yes, of course I can!" Mello replied with furrowed eyebrows announcing her wounded pride. To the hospital? "Oh... probably not."

"OH SH*T!" J-Rock exclaimed. "I was trying to be on your side, but..."

"Hey..." Mello injected, "I could pick you up from the subway, though!" [a shorter distance]

"No, that's okay," he quickly bit in.

"Well, if I practiced over the summer I probably could..."

"Wait, but you have a full G, right?" I queried.

"Yes, of course I have my G!" Mello answered - her eyebrows furrowed once more as she puffed out her elbows and dug her fists into her hips in disapproval.

"You have a G?!" J-Rock gasped. "Where did you do your test - ORANGEVILLE?!"

"Hey... no... I did it at Morningside, but I failed the first time at Aurora."

"What?! No way, I did my test at Morningside," claimed J-Rock.

I did my test at Aurora, heh.


Joyce said...

Pfffft Aurora! 8D
i did my G at Morningside, and my dad forced me to do my G2 at Lawrence. lol D:

Jerry said...

I am still in awe that Mello received her G at MORNINGSIDE!

You know, maybe we underestimate Mello, and in fact she could be a driving fiend who owns people on the road!

When we all get our own cars, we'll definitely see who's da bomb on the

Kaiba said...

Aurora ftw.